Wireless Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Detector

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Model BT_CO2_1412

• Compact Size
• Detects Carbon Dioxide concentration
• High accuracy NDIR sensor
• Auto calibration
• Low Energy 2.4GHz RF

• Indoor Air Quality monitoring

This device measures the carbon dioxide concentration near the installation location, and then broadcasts the measurement results via low power wireless signals; users do not need to walk to the detector to read measurement results.

This device uses a high-accuracy carbon dioxide sensor module and a low-power 2.4GHz Radio Frequency wireless communication module.

Users only need to install an App in their own mobile devices, turn on the communication function; when stay within the coverage of the wireless signals, the App can display the carbon dioxide concentrations received from the device; besides, if the concentration exceeds the value the user set in their own App, the App will automatically send alarm or notification.

This device can be installed in shopping malls, factories, hospitals , warehouses , or underground parking spaces to detect air quality in order to protect the safety of the installation environment.

•CO2 range: 400 ~ 10,000ppm

Wireless Communication:
•2.4GHz RF
•chip antenna
•Distance: 50m

Power Source: 5VDC, 250mA

Dimension(mm): 76(L) 76 (W) 9(H)

App for Android and iOS devices:

  • Android app on Google Play
  • Download on the App Store

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