AptBee Cloud Computing System

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▌Live Demo

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In this demonstration system, all the data displayed are real data from devices installed in our office.

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▌ Main Features

  • System Architecture:
    • Multi-tier web-based system
    • Mixed SQL and NoSQL data storage
    • High-availability clustering
  • Front-end Technology
    • Web-based user interface
    • Server push technology
    • Role and permission based access
    • Multiple alarm notification methods
    • Data visualization
  • Device management
    • Device grouping
    • Multiple upper/lower limits for each sensor
    • Gearing control based on sensor data or status
    • Secured communication between devices and gateway, and between gateway and the cloud system


This system integrates wired/wireless hardware sensor devices and web-based software system to provide services for the monitoring and control applications.

The original idea is to build a monitoring and control system which is cost effective and easy to install and use.

The web-based system provides human-machine interface allowing users to access the data from browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari,...) on PC, laptop, or mobile devices (iPhone, smart phones, tablets, ...).

And the software system applies the latest server-push technology which makes the real-time notification available in the monitoring and control applications.

The system now supports multiple languages: English, Japanese and Chinese(Traditional).


1. Environment monitoring and control: air conditioning, warehousing, logistics, greenhouses, plant rooms, goods or works of art to display and preserve
2. Energy saving: computer room, plant, office or residential low-voltage electrical equipment, electrical consumption amount measurement and control.
3. Security: access control, security monitoring and notification.
4. Air quality monitoring and control: indoor or outdoor monitoring of air quality data.

●Supported browsers:

PC: IE8, FireFox 3.6+, Google Chrome 10, Safari 5, Opera 10
Android 2.2 or above: Chrome, FireFox, Doplhin, and Opera
iPhone/iPad: Safari, Chrome


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