AptBee Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Control System

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  • Wireless communications makes it easier to deploy lower cost
  • Low power consumption of sensor devices
  • Web-based user interfaces
  • Customizable alarm and gearing control rules
  • Can be connected to the cloud computing system to perform remote monitoring


  • Indoor air quality monitoring and control


The system consists of an AptBee IoT Gateway and a plurality of sensor or control devices. Devices use 2.4GHz RF signal to communicate with each other to form a wireless sensor network.

The AptBee IoT Gateway can directly display status of each sensor or control device via the HDMI port connecting to a monitor or TV.

Deploy this system in department stores, hospitals, libraries, indoor parking lots or other public spaces, the system helps monitoring air quality and making people in these spaces safer and healthier.

The gateway can also forward sensing data to the cloud computing system to store or process. Managers can set the service levels to the system, when received data meet the rules, the system and gateway will initiate the specified process to control devices or notify related persons. Users can also use a web browser or the mobile Apps to check status of each sensor device or to control devices in the system.

Using wireless communication significantly reduces time and cost to deploy and install. More devices can be added at any time without interrupting the system operation expanding the system coverage.


Model: SYS_IAQ_1406

  • Wireless Communication Specifications
    • 2.4GHz Radio Frequency
    • IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol
    • Certified by NCC(Taiwan)
    • Comply with U.S. FCC Part 15 rules
    • Hardware Devices
      • AptBee IoT Gateway * 1
      • CO2 , Temperature and Humidity Sensor Device * 5
      • AC Switch * 1

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